Best AMD Motherboard For Gaming (updated 2018)

Founded on May 1, 1969, about 48 years ago, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) has made a bunch of high tech innovation in powerful-performance computing and graphics card. AMD is the second-largest company in the microprocessors market while Intel still dominates around 70% of the market share and also AMD is the real competitor for NVIDIA in the discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) market after taking ATI in 2006.

Only AMD can compete significantly with Intel in the processor market; it is vital and useful to the consumer in order monopoly does not occur in this market. But sometimes AMD has been able to produce even better processor than Intel in performance, and of course, almost all AMD products have better value for money. Thus, You can find the best AMD motherboard for gaming at the comparably affordable price.

In 2017 AMD release their Ryzen based on the newest architecture Zen (14 nm FinFET node) which is also enhanced on single-threaded performance and compatibility from the previous CPU. The result shows significant improvement that Ryzen offers 52 % of IPC increase and far more efficient in term of power usage over the older architecture.

Why should you choose AMD for the next upgrade or new gaming build?

AMD Ryzen grants the better multi-threaded performance. In daily workload, you can still play a smooth game at high FPS using mainstream AMD PC build, also have excellent opportunities to do more activities with your single AMD PC such as content creation, game streamer, video editing, video encoding and some application that rely on more thread performance. In result, AMD has a better option for someone who wants better versatility.
Even better flexibility in term of motherboard socket and features option, this is why AM4 so engaging, besides AMD is confirmed to support the AM4 platform into the future, so it’s still opening CPU upgrade possibilities using old AM4 socket motherboard when AMD is releasing their newest processors in the future.

Unlike Intel, that offers more platforms on the market which is a little bit confused strategy. There are too many motherboards socket and processor exclusivity, with the various performance but same architecture, and relatively at the same price range.

Although in reality for an everyday workload, AMD and Intel processor at same tier level won’t deliver completely different results.

  • Relatively better price/performance.
  • Multi-threaded performance.
  • Better for multi-tasking.
  • Flexibility and long-term socket supports.
  • All Ryzen and Threadripper are overclockable.
  • Single-threaded performance.


Here are The Best AMD Gaming Motherboards 2018:


  • ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme

"Truly Extreme Level Motherboard"
Release in 2017, Form Factor Ext-ATX, support AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper Processor for Socket TR4

The Ryzen Threadripper with up to 16 cores and 32 threads based on the latest Zen microarchitecture is the real beast. So you won’t let Threadripper paired with just a mainstream motherboard, but this ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme entirely fabulous board that will handle Threadripper so well to take Threadripper to the limit.

ROG is the number 1 gaming brand targeted only for enthusiast user if we are talking about ROG flagship motherboard, so ASUS gives everything that gamer needs, complete cooling for liquid and air, best sound quality, lastest networking technology, and tons RGB customization.

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  • Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme (AC)

"Top-notch performance and features"
Release in 2017, Form Factor ATX, support new Ryzen and 7th Gen A Series (AM4)

For top-tier AM4 Ryzen processor such as Ryzen 7 1700 or so, the AMD X370 chipset should deliver exceptional overclocking abilities. Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme is the perfect example of outstanding design and performance to inspire the best overclocker and enthusiasts. Defininetly should be on top of your list if you are looking for the best for Ryzen 7.

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"An excellent choice and value."
Release in 2017, ATX, B350 Chipset, AMD® Ryzen™ AM4 and 7th generation Athlon™

For midrange Ryzen processor, ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING boost Ryzen 5 performance to the boundary. B350 chipset itself already offers essential benefit for the budget purposive gamer with easy overclocking.  B350 chipset is the sweet spot, and ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING just made it better deals.

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  • ASRock A320M PRO4

"Best budget motherboard."
M ATX, Release 2017, Supports AMD Socket AM4 A-Series APUs (Bristol Ridge) and Ryzen Series CPUs

The A320-series chipset supports mainstream value-focused boards without CPU overclocking but still offer memory tweaking, allowing all Ryzen processor and motherboard blendings to take the position of a price/performance PC gaming build. ASRock A320M PRO4 provide good power delivery and VRM to ensure stability at the affordable price.

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What about motherboard compatibility for Ryzen AMD Processor?

X399X370 B350 A320 X300 A/B300
SegmentUltimateEnthusiastMainstreamMainstream/EssentialEnthusiast SFFEssential SFF
Multi GPUYesYesNo*NoYesNo
PCIe 2.0 lanes8864--
USB 2.066 6 6
USB 3.1 Gen1146 2 2
USB 3.1 Gen222 2 1
Dual PCIe slotYesYesYesNoYesNo


  1. TR4 Socket Motherboard

The flagship and powerhouse processor Zen-based, AMD Ryzen Threadripper,  at the top lines the Threadripper 1950X that supports 16 cores and 32 threads are also The CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award winner and positive acknowledgment from AMD fans and many reviewers.

Threadripper is a big sized processor that can only fit with TR4 Socket, which only X399 chipset available in the market right now.  Threadripper targeted the creators, developers, productive activities and enthusiasts also a beast at gaming performance. With 16 cores, of course, you can do anything and everything at the same time. It’s the right choice if you want to build a magnificent and powerful desktop platform.


  1. AM4 Socket Motherboard

All Ryzen (3,5,7) processors will be compatible with all AM4 chipset motherboards.

Ryzen 7 Processors offers 8 cores, 16 threads, 20 MB cache. Ryzen 7 is the actual performance for an enthusiast, excellent gaming experience, and performance, even great for content makers, and multi-tasking.

The Ryzen 5 Processors provide 4 to 6 cores with up to 12 threads and 10MB to 16MB cache. Much more affordable but still great for gaming and gain the smooth performance for multi-tasking and other productivity.

And for the first time, the low-end tier processor has 4 cores and 10MB. The Ryzen 3 offer the real quad-core architecture to delivers the better production level at the cheap price range.


AM4 Chipset Motherboards

◊.AMD X370 Chipset for Enthusiast and Overclockers.

Definitely, for overclockers who need a reliable board and better power delivery, the AMD X370 chipset offers full control and supports multi-graphics card configurations for both NVIDIA and AMD.

◊.AMD B350 Chipset for better value overclockers.

B350 Chipset is ideal for the high-performance user but doesn’t need the multi-graphics card configurations.

◊.AMD A320 Chipset for stable but straightforward.

A320 is the perfect choice for the multimedia purpose, but it’s okay to handle Ryzen 7 but without overclocking feature.

◊.AMD X300 and A300 Chipsets for SSF option.

For Mini-ITX lover, AMD’s X300 and A300 chipsets will give excellent performance and feature what you really need. The X300 chipset is ideal for overclockers, and the A300 chipset is for a user who wants just a small motherboard.

How great is Zen AMD microarchitecture for high-performance computing?

AMD’s high-performance Core Zen architecture delivers more than 52% improvement in IPC cycle over the old Excavator architecture, surpassing what their prediction. It’s entirely new processor design with new microarchitecture and AMD engineers ready to push the new Zen core more and more to reach specifications that AMD enthusiast in the modern-day needs, with a high-performance processing, low-power usage, large caches, and robust multi-threading but the most important is at the reasonable price range.

New AMD Ryzen Features?

AMD tech SenseMI technology, Neural Net Prediction, and Smart Prefetch are the adaptive feature that can maximize their potential by understanding and anticipate how the application work so it can increase the performance by directing the application to the most efficient routes of the processor. Smart Prefetch leads data toward the processor for more responsive computing. Also the new cool and quiet technology with the advanced smart sensors to control the CPU temperature and energy management. Even the new overclocking features such as Precision Boost, Precision Boost 2 and the Extended Frequency Range (XFR) are really helpful features.


The AMD Future Plans

After succeed to make a real impact on the market share, it’s because more affordable but at the equal quality of performance against team blue product. Next, AMD announced at CES2018 made a push to rechallenge Intel with plans for a 2nd-gen Threadripper, Zen 2, Zen 3 and new Ryzen APUs.

AMD’s looks serious about taking the right opportunity to lift their reputation by releasing more and more high-performance processor at better price deal soon.

The Zen+, Zen 2 and Zen 3

Zen+ will be the successor to the Zen, Zen+ with the new 12nm process may reach the higher clock, more cache, and efficient than before, the Precision Boost 2 frequency control, XFR2 and better memory compatibility also tweaking potential.

And the Zen 2 will 7nm process expected to release in 2019, then Zen 3 with 7nm+ process will be around 2020. Each new generation of Zen will bring a slight increase in IPC over the older Zen. But still not sure about how much the percentage of performance improvement and details of the processor.

The 2nd generation of Threadripper

Well, at the second half of 2018,  you should ready for the next Threadripper version will be based on Zen+ architecture using 12nm production process.

Ryzen APUs

The Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G coming in February 2018 and it offers another alternative for more budget minded PC build. The onboard GPU will be using the new Vega tech, so I think there will be some significant improvement in gaming performance over the last APU series. The great news is they also wholly run with first gen AM4 sockets motherboard.

New Chipset Motherboard in 2018?

AMD already announced the X470 chipset expected in 2018 and the significant improvement could be memory compatibility and higher room for DDR4 speed clocks as the prototype motherboards and processor at CES showed them working at 3800MHz. Still, wonder how much they can push next generation of Zen, but I think it will not a big jump and just minor optimization.

X370, B350, and A320 after Zen+?

It’s already official that they will support AM4 socket until 2020 as the X470 chipset still use the AM4 socket, so the technology its self will not to much left behind.


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