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Best Mini-ITX Z490 Motherboards for Gaming and Overclocking

Intel is trying to fight back by the release of the 10th Gen launch, offering powerful gaming desktop CPUs including their new top-line chipset motherboards. The brand-new chipset motherboards, Z490 motherboards, appear more robust VRM implementation compared to the previous chipset board, as the power delivery becomes one of the most critical parts of the…

Best Mini ITX B550 Motherboard

Best Mini-ITX B550 Motherboards

The Small Form Factor B550 mobos are ready to roll; not too many options but this mini dimension board still packed with some modern features. As the B550 chipset launches, you may expect the PCIe 4.0 implementation for NVMe storage and Graphics Card, including a more reliable networking solution in just Mini-ITX board. Suppose you’re…

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