Best Motherboard Brand 2019

Gigabyte and ASUS are (still) the Best Motherboard Brand in 2019

The best motherboard brand should have the best quality product and best at after sales; It’s easy to say manufacturer like Gigabyte and ASUS are still the most reliable motherboard brand right now. Both of them always pioneers in this industry, and you can find it easy almost everywhere including their gaming motherboard product.

The disadvantages are you have to spend more money to get their product if comparing to the other brand in the same tier product because you also have to pay for the brand name and their marketing expense not only the for product. But some product may be relatively affordable.

If there is Gigabyte and ASUS motherboard at the same price with the same feature, I would prefer Gigabyte first, and ASUS is the second choice, while the other brand should offer relatively cheaper and better board and features.

MSI, ASRock, and Biostar can also make an extreme gaming motherboard at the sweet spot price range, but that not too often so it better not generalize what the best brand is, each series could be a different comparison.

If you are looking for more budget gaming motherboard and still decent motherboard, you can choose MSI, Asrock, and Biostar. They have a high-quality product too, especially ASRock right now made many high-quality boards for gaming performance at affordable price.

The Best bang for bucks motherboard brand

Updated: looks like some MSI product is bit overpriced and not design the best mainboard in 2018. I don’t know, hope they can make some better products in the future.

ASRock is ASUS 2nd tier product but the quality itself still good with more affordable than Asus and surprisingly sometimes ASRock has a better recommendation for motherboard review. In general, I think ASRock motherboard was the price/performance in 2017.

Biostar is my recommendation if you are looking for a budget gaming motherboard. They have an excellent product, and after sales to, I can’t complain about their price tag.

There is no guarantee that the best motherboard brand always has the best product because it depends on what series, chipset, and feature. So you have to keep update information from your trusted reviewer.

And again sometimes you can get defect product even from 1st tier motherboard brand because there are many factors why that’s happened including shipping and stores, so pick the one with credible after sales in your region.

For more detail, about the gaming motherboard, you can check the motherboard definition.

So, Here is the best motherboard brand list (updated 2019)

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Best Motherboard Manufacturers 2019

  1. Gigabyte — Editor’s Choice for motherboard quality and aftersales.
  2. ASUS — The market share leader in the motherboard industry.

Best Budget Motherboard Manufacturers

  1. MSI— Often the best at overclocking at relatively more affordable.
  2. Asrock— Can produce many best bang for the bucks board for a recent couple year.
  3. Biostar— Good product at relatively low price.
  4. ECS— At same level with Biostar.
  5. EVGA— Sometimes produce a great product at a reasonable price.
  6. Supermicro— Not too familiar comparing the others but already made some good quality board.
  7. Intel— Good, basic and cheap motherboard.

The Others Manufacture That May Produce A Quality Value Motherboard

  1. Jetway
  2. Acer
  3. Aopen
  4. Chaintech
  5. DFI
  6. Foxconn
  7. Leadtek
  8. Magic Pro
  9. Shuttle

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Are ASUS motherboards reliable?

Yes, generally speaking, ASUS is the best motherboard and leading industry in motherboard manufacturer. ASUS provides so many of motherboard line-ups such as ROG (Republic of Gamers) which is the flagship and bringing the most comprehensive gaming and overclocking task, ASUS Prime for the mid-end board that offers performance, quality, and reliability, and TUF Gaming for low-mid motherboard class that provide a robust and essential board function for gaming.

ASUS also keep their RMA rate so low even they sold so many products year by year but sometimes became an overhyped product and exclusively expensive brand. Overall, if you are a newbie and want to build a custom PC, I would recommend ASUS as it’s a well-known brand to a lot of people and to minimize the risk as their products are continually premium.

How good are Gigabyte motherboards?

Gigabyte also has well reputed as motherboard maker. Honestly, Gigabyte is my favorite, and I like this motherboard brand because they offer an excellent price to performance motherboard alongside decent aftersales, which can be different for every person experience.

AORUS, most exquisite brand by GIGABYTE, brings the best power delivery and also bunch of features to enhance gaming experiences for enthusiasts. Statistically, Gigabyte motherboard RMA rate is just at low level and still one of the best motherboard reputable brands in 2019.

Are MSI and ASRock made good motherboards?

Both MSI and ASRock motherboards brand are so unpredictable, and sometimes they provide the most excellent flagship motherboard due to price to performance, but sometimes they make it worse (rarely occasion). It can happen if they want to make significant move to grab the customer attention by implementing high-end feature or special function on the budget approach because most customers tend to keep an eye on ASUS and Gigabyte latest product as a reputable board maker.

But for the low to mid end competition both can make a decent essential motherboard for daily needs. Recenly, there are tons of motherboard review that prove MSI and ASRock also made realible motherboard despite the slightly higher RMA rate than top motherboard brand. So you don’t need to worry to grab motherboard from these brands as they also getting better and better nowadays, just read review for specific product before you make a decision.

To diminish the risk of obtaining defect motherboard straight out of the box is just like making a bet, it could be bad luck. But you have to realize that risk can happen to you even buying for the top motherboard manufacturer, that’s way knowing the aftersales quality and procedure from certain brand on your country really helpful to make good choice.

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