Best Motherboard Brand

Gigabyte and ASUS are (still) the Best Motherboard Brand

The best motherboard brand should have the best quality product and best at after sales, It is easy to say Gigabyte and ASUS are still the most reliable motherboard brand right now. Both of them always pioneers in this industry, and you can find it easy almost in everywhere including their gaming motherboard product. The disadvantages for you is you have to spend more money to get their product if comparing to the other brand but some product may relatively affordable. If there is Gigabyte and ASUS motherboard at the same price with the same feature, I would prefer Gigabyte first, and ASUS is the second choice, while the other brand should be offers relatively cheaper and better board and feature.

That why MSI, ASRock, and Biostar sometimes successfully made an extreme gaming motherboard at the sweet spot price range, but that not too often so it better not generalize what the best brand is, each series could be a different match.

But if you are looking for more budget gaming motherboard and still decent motherboard, you can choose MSI, Asrock, and Biostar. They have a high-quality product too, especially ASRock right now made many high-quality boards for gaming performance.

For me, MSI is the best motherboard brand for price/performance.

Updated: looks like some MSI product is bit overpriced and not design the best mainboard in 2017. I don’t know why, hope they can make some better product in 2018.


ASRock is ASUS 2nd tier product but the quality itself still good with more affordable than Asus and surprisingly sometimes ASRock has a better recommendation for motherboard review. In general, I think ASRock motherboard is the price/performance in 2017.

Biostar is my recommendation if you are looking for budget gaming motherboard. They have an excellent product, and after sales to, I can’t complain about their price tag.

There is no guarantee that the best motherboard brand always has the best product because it depends on what series, chipset, and feature. So you have to keep update information from your trusted reviewer.

And again sometimes you can get defect product even from 1st tier motherboard brand because there are many factors why that’s happened including shipping and stores, so pick the one with credible after sales in your region.

For more detail, about gaming motherboard, you can check motherboard definition.


Here is the best motherboard brand list (updated 2018)

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  1. Gigabyte
  2. ASUS
  3. MSI
  4. Asrock
  5. Biostar
  6. ECS
  7. EVGA
  8. Supermicro
  9. Intel
  10. Jetway
  11. Acer
  12. Aopen
  13. Chaintech
  14. DFI
  15. Foxconn
  16. Leadtek
  17. Magic Pro
  18. Shuttle


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