What motherboard do i have?

Sometimes I found people are confusing about their computer parts, many of them are build PC with lack basic knowledge even some case they don’t care what their processor series or the worst they don’t know their CPU is using Intel or AMD or else is. This information is only for the beginner that starting want to know about the PC and maybe want to build PC or replace broken PC part if you are already master you should skip this.

There are so many ways to check what is your motherboard model, set, manufacturer, and processor compatibility.


Here’s how to gain information about motherboard manufacturer or model and the easiest way to do that.


1. Windows Information System.

The first click on windows start menu on the left then on search, and program files box just type msinfo32 then click the result.

what motherboard do i have

then the information menu will be shown.

what kind of motherboard do i have

You will see system manufacturer and system model.

Then you shall copy paste the motherboard model into Google or another search engine to know your motherboard more detail.


2. Software.

  • CPU ID

How Do I Find Out What Motherboard I Have

Then click on motherboard menu just like in the picture above.

You can download here it free and handy software.


CPU ID is my recommendation because of it very easy to use, and it gives you other information such as memory and CPU.

But there other software that I recommend to.

  • Everest


Computer diagnostics and hardware monitoring, it still beneficial software though timeworn. You can quickly identify your device not only your motherboard. If you want more detail information and the technical assist, you have to pay the subscription for this software.

  • SiSoftware Sandra


Similar with Everest Lavalyst

Note: if you are using OEM motherboard product like Dell, sometimes you can only see model numbers. You can directly download documentation from your computer for more details information.


3, Visually Motherboard Identifying.

What Motherboard Do I Have?


Check the picture; you can see the model and manufacturer on the board directly.

But sometimes there is no model or manufacturer detail printed on the motherboard.


4. By BIOS.

There so many information you can get from BIOS, just immediately press the DEL or F2 key after booting your PC.

Is it necessary to know what your motherboard model is?

If you want to update your motherboard software such as motherboard chipset and audio chipset, then you must identify your motherboard first. For optimal performance and excellent experience gaming, since new games, come with original technology through your motherboard or other peripherals are capable of handling sometimes, things can happen that your PC doesn’t work correctly without updating your software.

By knowing the specs of your motherboard, you will convince yourself to update BIOS and latest software which improves the performance of the motherboard itself. If you are too lazy to search through Windows, you can use the software free or paid version to check and make sure you update the driver quickly. For the paid version usually very detailed information about your PC hardware but I think if only just to check necessary details then it is enough using the free one.
Still asking what motherboard do I have? Just ask someone near you before you try to do something else like modding or overclock your motherboard because of it’s fundamental knowledge.

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